Discuses about our company


AD PLUS is coming from ADverting production industry PLUS clients statifying service center. AD PLUS CO., LTD is Established in 2009, started to provide services to well known companies in Phnom Penh. We provide a specializing in all kinds of printing solution, outdoor advertising, and production, Promotional Gift, And Media Placement to our valued customers.

AD PLUS CO., LTD, a company registered under the Ministry of Commerce. Our team main focus is the final outcome of each and every single project that is given to us. Today, in a comparative community of the printing world, qualyty of the end result is the first thing our clients look for. At  AD PLUS, qualuty is what we promise to deliver. 

Our History

Customer Services, 2018

We improved the level of customer service at all offices of our agency.

Industry Leader, 2018

In 2018, we were recognized as the advertising industry leader.


We started to offer Cambodian companies top-notch branding services.

Our Targets

We define oursleves as the company working for the good of our clients. Our main targets are international companies as well as small/medium businesses, and private entrepreneurs.